About us

Established in 1999, the family clinic Kniaudiškių Šeimos Klinika UAB has been an active participant of medical reform in Lithuania. It was the first private medical institution in Panevėžys and among the first in Lithuania to introduce the self-employed practice of qualified general practitioners. An agreement with the National Health Insurance Fund covers the payment for services rendered to insured patients registered at the clinic.
In 2005, a second branch of the clinic was opened. From the very beginning, the clinic has been managed by Dalia Dalibogienė.

General medicine is the most important field in healthcare because it is the general practitioners that are the first point of contact for patients when they contract an illness or suffer from health problems: this is where medical assessment begins and primary treatment is prescribed for acute illnesses, and the monitoring, logistics, treatment and prevention are implemented for chronic illnesses. Experience shows that general medicine resolves around 80% of all health problems.

The family clinic provides primary healthcare to the residents of Panevėžys and its wider district. The job of the general practitioner-led team is to provide constant support to families and individuals regardless of their age and sex. Patients are treated at the clinic or on home visits if they cannot come to the clinic due to a health condition. All general practitioners in the clinic treat both children and adults. Special attention is paid to the area of prevention, including various prevention programmes, vaccination and prenatal care.
The relationship between the general practitioner and the patient is unique – they meet on a regular basis and not only for the duration of an illness. The physician can monitor the patient, get to know and understand them as well as predict their body's response to certain factors. The general practitioner is closest to the patient and always ready to help.

The clinic provides quality services, introduces innovation and is integrating into a system of institutions that provide telemedical services. Telemedicine is a field of medicine in which medical information is transmitted via telecommunication technology.

Teledermatology and teleophthalmology are essential fields of telemedicine, which involve the transmission of digital images to specialists for consulting. This technology is used for diagnosing difficult cases, monitoring the effectiveness of treatment as well as for training and research. This service improves the availability of specialists, especially for patients with mobility impairments, and saves patients’ time as well as reducing their travel expenses.
General practitioners are well aware of the limits of their competence and do not believe they can resolve all the medical issues they face on their own. Therefore, they cooperate closely with consulting specialists from secondary and tertiary healthcare institutions.

Our clinic is known for its pleasant atmosphere and making patients feel that they are most important here. The clinic is also host to an informal art gallery called Foje, where exhibitions of work by local artists are held – because art therapy heals both the body and the soul.

The clinic has 39 employees: 12 qualified general practitioners, 4 gynaecologists/obstetricians, 3 dentists, 11 nurses and a financier.

Five driven and experienced general practitioners, respected by their patients, have worked with us from the very beginning: Irena Brogaitė, Gražina Jurgaitienė, Vilija Kučinskienė, Margarita Mikšionienė and Dalia Dalibogienė. The team is completed by highly qualified gynaecologists/obstetricians Rasa Narbutienė and Jonas Merkys as well as dentists Kristina Šiaučiūnienė, Gintaras Motiekaitis and Rokas Jancevičius. The second branch of the clinic is staffed by qualified general practitioners Romana Galvičienė, Loreta Kriukienė, Stasė Liuimienė, Regina Krikščiūnienė, Inga Kirtiklienė, Aldona Marija Patkauskienė and Rūta Bartašiūnienė as well as gynaecologists/obstetricians Raimundas Bagurskas and Jurgita Abukevičienė.